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Stratasys 3D Production systems print functional, end-use aerospace and defense parts,  reducing  part number and weight while improving overall efficiency unattainable through traditional manufacturing methods.

Production expertise is critical to many of our aerospace customers. Cimetrix has an expert aerospace manufacturing engineering team with critical technical knowledge. Our industry knowledge and our abilities to support high requirement applications is what brings aerospace companies to Cimetrix. Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) with additive manufacturing allows for the creation of rigid, lightweight aerospace parts, leveraging advanced materials such as Ultem 9085, not achievable with other manufacturing methods.

Our customers, such as L3, Bombardier, Boeing and Standard Aero are but a few partners benefiting from these advancement’s in additive technologies and materials. Like others in the aerospace industry, they are experiencing performance improvements with superior lightweight part design from integrated structures and component consolidation. By reducing weight, part count, design constraints and supply-chain risk, additive manufacturing is creating new production efficiencies for the aerospace industry. The proof was on display at the 2017 Paris Air Show, where Stratasys debuted their Aircraft Interiors Configuration, and in continued use of Stratasys' certified materials and processes that produced components for the new Airbus A350 XWB, which debuted in 2015.

Typical Applications

  • Enclosures & Interior Panels/Components
  • Liquid and Fuel Tanks
  • Gimbals
  • Grommets & Clips
  • Air Flow Ducts
  • Control Surfaces
  • UAV Components
  • Mounting Brackets

Aerospace Interiors Solution

Produce Certified Aircraft Interiors with 3D Printing

Certifying additively manufactured parts for aircraft installation just got a lot easier. The Stratasys Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution gives aerospace companies a faster, more streamlined process. This multi-part solution includes the Aircraft Interiors Configuration Fortus 900mc Production System in tandem with the the establishment of design allowables for ULTEM 9085 resin material, approved by the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP). An Equivalency Toolkit and Process Control Document is included to ensure consistent build results to show equivalency to the design allowables.

Specially Configured Fortus 900mc Gen II

Provides consistent, reliable material properties and build results.

B-Basis Design Allowables Test Data

Qualification dataset documenting Stratasys certified ULTEM 9085 resin performance when printed with the Fortus 900mc Aero Interiors Configuration

Certified ULTEM9085 Material

Full traceability back to raw material, with certificates of analysis and performance.


Calibration tools for Fortus 900mc quality setting and verification

Material and Process Specifications

NCAMP-approved documentation for material production and part creation

Technical Support

On-site customer support system setup validation prior to equivalency testing.

The Aircraft Interiors Configuration Fortus 900mc includes a new T16A tip, certified ULTEM 9085 material and process control documentation. These elements form the basis for producing high- quality, repeatable build results for equivalency demonstration and part production. Customers who already own Fortus 900mc Production Systems only need to purchase the system upgrade, which also includes the material and documentation support. Click on the icons below to learn more about the Aircraft Interiors package from Stratasys.

Download Roadmap to Cerification

Download Solution Guide

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