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Sep 26

Agilus30 Now Available for Stratasys J750 Users

Agilus30 - the groundbreaking new Rubber-Like offering introduced by Stratasys earlier this year - is now compatible with all Stratasys J750 3D Printers! With Rubber-like PolyJet photopolymers, you can simulate rubber with different levels of hardness, elongation and tear resistance. Available in both opaque and translucent colors, Agilus30 material enables simulation for a very wide variety of finished products.

Boasting suprior physical characteristics over the Tango+ material family, Agilus takes the functionality of 3D Printed Rubber to unparalleled realism, and a range of Rubber-like and Digital Material compatibilities let you zero in on exactly the elastomer properties you need. Agilus is well suited for applications such as:

  • Realistic prototypes to test and verify any design that includes rubber.

  • Simulate soft-touch coatings, nonslip surfaces, rubber surrounds or overmolding.

  • Test and verify grips, pulls, handles, gaskets or footwear.

  • Functional testing and low-volume production of gaskets and rubber components

  • Flow and puncture testing for medical applications


More About The Stratasys J750

The Stratasys J750™ 3D Printer delivers unrivaled aesthetic performance including true, full-color capability with texture mapping and color gradients. Create prototypes that look, feel and operate like finished products, without the need for painting or assembly, thanks to the Stratasys J750’s wide range of material properties.

With an astounding 360,000+ color combinations to choose from and multi-material capability, the Stratasys J750 allows you to bring even your most imaginative ideas to life.

For further inquiries, or to get a sample part, please reach out to our team of Applications Specialists, who will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.