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Jul 20

GrabCAD Update: Feature Highlight and Version 1.8 Release Notes

Thursday's Tech Tip has been provided by Applications Specialist Conner Janeteas. Today, he'll be taking you through his favourite feature of GrabCAD Print to-date, as well as run through the release notes for Version 1.8. The latest version of our latest print processing and management software, GrabCAD Print, has just been launched. Today, we’ll be taking you through the release notes, and our favourite feature to to date – office hours.

Office Hours - Enhancing Productivity

At Cimetrix, we love GrabCAD print for the ability to schedule all of our machines, whether Idea, Design, or Production Series, with one software. The ability to access our schedule anywhere, whether through the browser or app, means we can constantly monitor all of the machines in our office. When you keep a tight print schedule like we do, this is extremely invaluable.

One of the best scheduling features if Office Hours - Once your company admin enables them, your Schedule View will automatically adjust the printer queue display to reflect that print jobs are normally only started during your working hours, giving you a more accurate schedule forecast. The start times shown reflect the operating hours you set. You can still start jobs outside of office hours. Jobs will not automatically start at the scheduled time. This simple feature has really made a big difference in helping keep our entire team on the same page.

CimTip: remember, multiple imported CMB files can now be arranged on the tray. Previously, users working with multiple CMBs had to use Control Center for their workflow. For performance, the CMBs are simplified in Model View, but you can get a look at the real shape in Slice Preview. Start with an empty project, then go to File > Import CMB..., and repeat as necessary

GrabCAD 1.8 Release Notes

The new features for GrabCAD print are FDM oriented, and include updates for both Production series printers – 380mc, 450mc, and 900mc – as well as the F123 Series printers. Updates include:

  • GrabCAD Print now supports printing with Ultem 9085 and Ultem 1010. This also means that CMB files prepared in Insight with these materials can now be printed with GrabCAD Print.
  • To modify parameters or use features like anchor pins or wall stabilizers, you can use Insight from the Apps menu. You will still have to use Control Center to add sacrificial towers
  • Ultem 9085 CG is not yet supported in GrabCAD Print
  • For parts that would normally just be ‘Green Flagged’, multiple parts can be processed at once as usual within GrabCAD
  • Users can now do an optimized arrange of the entire project (all trays at once) on their FDM printers. This allows users to optimally pack more than one tray with as many parts as possible.
  • For F123 Series printers, improved bottom surface smoothness with both supported and non-supported features.
  • When inserting parts for FDM printers, parts are arranged from the center of the tray for improved print quality.

CimTip: This is a best practice that we typically implement at Cimetrix whenever possible. Note – doing this requires use of a brand new tray each time. For the best balance between print quality and economics, we will typically build parts with tighter tolerance or aesthetic requirements in the center of a new tray, and then parts with less stringent requirements in the perimeter

With a number of great improvements, GrabCAD Print 1.8 is steadily becoming our program of choice for job management and build processing. With a user-friendly and beautiful interface, the program offers a nice working environment that sets itself apart from typical 3D Printing programs. For a complete rundown, or to schedule a demo with a member of our Applications Group, please reach out via email and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist.

- Conner J