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Jun 5

Ryserson Formula Racing Outpaces Competition at FSAE Michigan

For a number of years, Cimetrix has supported many student-lead initiatives within Canada. From FSAE and other engineering-based teams, to one-off student projects, we are proud to provide Canada's innovators of tomorrow with access to leading-edge 3D Printing technologies. We are always excited to see continued success of our academic partners - today, we'll be sharing post-season update from Ryerson FSAE, who experienced unprecedented success in their 2016-2017 season.

Advancing with Additive Manufacturing

Over the last few years, Cimetrix and Ryerson FSAE have partnered grow the teams use of additive manufacturing for far more than simple printed parts by utilizing the advanced capabilities of our Fortus 450mc and 900mc machines. In the first year, we created custom brake lights, steering wheel grips, and brake ducts, leveraging the durability of our Engineering Grade ABS-M30 and the translucency of ABSi.

The next year, the team went one step further. Tasked with creating a completely custom exhaust system for the car, the team ran into a road-block - with construction of the system being done off-site and the tight confines of the race car, the team seemed stuck. Traditional tooling was not an option, as it was far too expensive for the team to pursue, and the timelines did not fit within the team's race season.

Working closely with our Applications Specialists, we created a custom jig to facilitate fabrication of the exhaust off the car, off-site, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional tooling. The tool was turned around within a week, allowing the team to move onto the dyno and begin tuning their car much earlier than expected.

This year, the team leveraged our ABS-M30 to create custom layup tools to create their one-off, custom air intake for the car. Again, Cimetrix was able to turn around the tooling within a week, and at a fraction of the cost for a traditional layup tool. Though the team also toyed with the idea of leveraging ST-130 to create their intake using a sacrificial core, we ended up proceeding with a typical layup tool. As the years go by, more and more of the Ryerson car is created with additive manufacturing, either to directly create end-use parts, or for leading edge tooling applications.

2016-2017 Season: A Pinnacle of Success

From May 10-13, Ryerson Formula Racing attended the 2017 Formula SAE Michigan competition. It was held at Michigan International Speedway and we ranked 25th out of 120 international teams in the competition. The team was the highest ranking team in Ontario, and the 4th highest ranking team in Canada.

Static Events: Ryerson's sales presentation impressed the judging panel leading to a 15th place finish - 3 spots higher than last year. During the design event, industry judges shared their assessment of the car, and the team completed the event empowered to implement their suggestions for the 2018 design. Ryerson's car finished in the top 30th percentile in cost report (a breakdown of the vehicle’s tooling, manufacturing and process costs) - an outstanding improvement from last year’s score and a testament to the team’s increased focus on static events performance.

Dynamic Events: Ryerson's novice drivers tested their car’s limits during Skidpad and Acceleration on the third day of competition, whilst the team's experienced drivers launched the car straight to the Autocross leaderboard early in the day with a competitive run time of 47.135 seconds. The next day’s endurance event provided the ultimate test of the car’s limits, and Ryerson's RF17 performed beautifully - drivers completed all 22 laps of the course, finishing endurance with a top 20 score.

The team's 25th place finish is one of the highest results earned in the history of the team, and it came as a result of the team’s hard work over the course of the year and from tremendous external support. We are incredibly proud of this result, and we are excited to improve next year’s performance.

The entire team at Cimetrix would like to congratulate the members of Ryerson FSAE on their continued success as a team. It is a pleasure to collaborate with such hardworking, innovative individuals, and we look forward continued partnership, fostering innovation and pushing the limits of what is possible in an FSAE car. For over 23 years, Cimetrix has provided Canada's industry-leaders with comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions - to learn more, please browse our website, or contact us!