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Jun 14

Introducing Digital ABS Plus - The Strongest Polyjet Material, Ever

Stratasys and Cimetrix has released our latest ground-breaking advance in PolyJet material technology:  Digital ABS Plus. As the name indicates, this is a new, advanced version of the high performance Digital ABS material released in 2011.

The new Digital ABS Plus material features new levels of mechanical performance, with an excellent impact resistance & shock absorption of 90-110J/m (or 1.69 – 2.06 ft lb/in).  This is a signifigant improvement, with parts being 38% stronger than those printed with the original Digital ABS material.

This new material also boasts heat deflection temperaturs of 58-68ᵒC (136-154ᵒF), or 82-90ᵒC (179-309ᵒF) after thermal post-curing, and provides users with a smoother surface finish when printing in glossy mode.

The improved functionality of Digital ABS Plus means it is an even more suitable for a wide variety of applications, including:

The new toughness of the Digital ABS Plus material makes it ideal for all stages of the rapid prototyping process, from design verification to functional performance testing. Also, the added toughness makes it ideal for all types of jigs and fixtures, parts featuring drilled and inserted metal components as well as short-run injection molding tools. The material comes in the same 2 colors: green and ivory. And for applications with extra thin walls below 1.2mm (0.047 in.), the material is also available in the Digital ABS2 Plus version.

  • If you are printing fine features and thin walls, below 1.2mm (0.047 in.), don’t forget to use the SUP706 soluble support to ensure your thin walls, delicate parts and internal geometries come out clean and perfect.

  • Make the most of the Connex3 printer accuracy combined with the strength of the Digital ABS Plus to create really precise fitting yet functional mechanical connections, like screw threads, interlocking gears, snap fits and friction-fit fasteners.

  • The high toughness and temperature resistance of Digital ABS Plus makes it a strong choice for creating functional prototypes for Consumer Electronics, Commercial Goods, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Machinery and Equipment. Thermal treatment of Digital ABS Plus and Digital ABS2 Plus parts in a programmable oven improves the heat resistance further.

  • Combine the Digital ABS Plus material with the new Agilus30 material to simulate functional yet realistic prototypes that feature rubber-like over-moldings & soft-touch parts or to make on-part text and instructions really stand out.

Increase productivity and gain even more design freedom with the ability to easily remove support material from delicate features and small cavities. Soluble support material (SUP706) empowers hands-free removal, plus improved manual or WaterJet removal. It is compatible with all PolyJet materials (except hearing aid and dental materials) and works on the Stratasys J750, Objet1000 Plus, and all Objet Connex3 systems.

Application Showcase: Digital ABS Plus

The rotating fasteners used in the image below shows a patented male-female mechanical connection,  designed by Rotite. Wanting to see how tough the material really is, our engineers printed the connectors in the new Digital ABS Plus material and bolted the female connector to the low ceiling in our parking area. The Rotite part’s unique geometry, together with the toughness of the Digital ABS Plus material allowed them to do as many pull-ups as they wanted, supporting the weight of a person easily via the hand-holds on the male connectors. You can see the experiment at 00:25 – 00:30 in the video above.

Digital ABS Plus and Digital ABS2 Plus materials are available on Connex3, Objet1000/1000 Plus, and legacy Connex platforms, with plans for J750 release later this year. To learn more, please get in touch with our team of Applications Specialists.