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Mar 7

Introducing Nylon 12CF - Bringing Composite Strength to Additive Manufacturing

Stratasys has recently launched their latest addition to the Nylon material family - Nylon 12-CF. Boasting the highest strength-weight and stiffness-weight ration of any Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) material, Nylon 12-CF was developed specifically do address common problems in manufacturing:

  • Traditional material used for tooling is heavy and cumbersome

  • Lack of lightweight materials that resist deformation

  • Lack of available composite materials for additive manufacturing platforms

Nylon 12-CF: Tailored for Next-Generation Manufacturing

Nylon 12-CF overcomes these issues, by providing users of additive manufacturing with a fiber-infused Nylon material with exceedingly exceptonal physical characteristics. The material is well suited for a number of industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, recreational/consumer products, and more. Its high strength and high stiffness allows the material to replace metal parts at several points along the design cycle, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal parts. Applications for Nylon 12-CF include:

Application Overview: Motorcycle Accessory Development

In this application, the customer intent was to convert as many metal parts as possible to a plastic alternative without compromising part strength. It was found that Nylon 12-CF had more than enough strength to replace several parts on the motorcycle, including:

  • Brake levers

  • Caliper cover

  • Chain guard

  • Engine cover

  • Stand

  • Foot pegs

The parts were signifigantly cheaper to produce, and turned around much faster than the traditional process required for product development with metals. By bringing this capability in-house, the customer was able to quicky and iteratively design their accessories, without a reliance on external providers for tooling and metal forming. Furthermore, the Nylon 12-CF parts were much lighter than their metal counterparts and just as strong, improving performance of these components.

Transform Your Production with Nylon 12-CF Today!

Nylon 12-CF is available to order from Cimetrix today, and is currently available for Fortus 450mc 3D Printers; release for other Fortus platforms is pending. The material can print at a slice height of 0.010" (0.0254mm), and works with SR-110 support material, the same support material used with Nylon 12 and Nylon 6. In order to begin printing there some differences when compared to other Stratasys materials; to get the full requirements of Nylon 12-CF, or order your material, please contact our team of Applications Specialists, who are more than happy to answer any questions or inquiries.