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Mar 9

Agilus 30 - The New Rubber-Like Offering From Stratasys

For the last few years, the Tango and Tango+ offerings have set the standard for prototyping rubber-based components. Not any longer. Introducing Agilus30 and Agius30Black - our most advanced rubber-like material to date.

Agilus30 is an advanced Polyjet material engineered to produce flexible, yet strong parts in a wide range of digital material colors and Shore A values, whilst addressing some of the shortcomings with previous Tango+ offerings.

Agilus 30: Taking Flexible 3D Printing Further

Agilus30 pushes the boundaries of rapid prototype design verification, and brings rubber-like 3D printing into the realm of functional prototyping. Combined with Sup706, our soluble support material, Agilus30 can be used to create intricate components and provides effortless support removal.

The Agilus family consists of Agilus30 (translucent) and Agilus30Black (black), both boasting a ShoreA value of 30. Furthermore, the Agilus family can be combined with the Vero family (or RGD450) to create Digital Materials with a wide range of ShoreA values: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85, and 95. When compared to Tango+, Agilus30 boasts several distinct advantages:

  • Stronger material with better performance in functional applications

  • 2x improved tear resistance

  • 2.5x improved tensile strength

  • Improved look and feel

  • Improved elongation at break (220-270% elongation @ break)

Agilus30 is optimal for a number of applications and industries, including:

  1. Medical Models: Simulating soft tissue for surgical evaluation, planning, and medical training

  2. Tooling: Knobs, jigs, grips, seals, gaskets, hoses, handles; create rubber overmoulds in combination with FDM tools for improved ergonomics and user friendliness

  3. Product Development: Sporting goods, masks, food storage containers, door seals, consumer goods

  4. General Prototyping: Rubber-Like components, surrounds, overmoulds; combine with RGD450 for simulated-soft Polypropylene

Customer Application Overview: Enhanced Product Development

Stratasys customer used Agilus30 for the development of a new band for a sports watch.

Challenge: Creating a prototype that simulates end-product materials suitable for ergonomic, performance, style and design studies. Previous Tango+ offerings fatigued too quickly for design verification and functional testing.

Solution: Agilus30; the high tear resistance and functionality offered by this material enabled design verification, prevented repeated force breakage on functional prototypes, and allowed for quick, iterative product development without looking to traditional injection moulded prototypes.

Customer Application Overview: Tooling with Agilus

Stratasys customer used Agilus30 for create a jig for testing a new medical device.

Challenge: Previous jigs could not withstand water flow and high pressure in order to test the medical device

Solution: with its high tensile strength and improved tear resistance, Agilus30 enabled the medical device to be tested. Additionally, post-processing was easier and more efficient with the inclusion of Sup706.

Implement Agilus30 Within Your Workflow Today

Agilus30 is available on all Objet Connex 3 platforms - 260, 350, and 500 Connex 3 - and can replace Tango+ for almost every application. To complement the inclusion of Agilus30 is the Sup706 software upgrade; this upgrade is free for all users with systems on warranty or maintenance contracts, and is available for purchase for those customers off warranty/maintenance. All Connex systems purchased since May 2016 come installed with Sup706 upgrade, and can begin printing with Agilus immediately. Future release of Agilus on the J750 is expected later this year. For more information on Agilus30, or to order yours today, contact our team of Applications Specialists.