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Jul 18

Introducing the Revamped uPrint: Professional 3D Printing, Entry-Level Pricing

Stratasys' FDM-based uPrint 3D Printer has long been a favorite of educators, engineers and just about anyone who’s producing prototypes, assembly tools and final parts. Here at Cimetrix, the uPrint is our little workhorse, running alongside Fortus machines in our Innovation Centre to produce everything from pre-production prototypes, to end-use parts, for our customer projects. Though small, the uPrint packs a powerful punch, and easily holds its own against its big-brothers in the Fortus line.

This week, Stratasys has announced a refresh for this popular platform; more than just a change in colour, a number of improvements have been implemented with the aim of making the tried-and-true, professional grade platform increasingly accessible within academia and industry.

Professional 3D Printing, Entry-Level Accessibility

Voted as the world’s most reliable 3D printer by Popular Mechanics and Design News, uPrint is that rare solution that combines accuracy, repeatability, and reliability with affordability. Don’t let its office friendly, compact size fool you - the uPrint is an engineering grade system that can tackle the most challenging geometries.

The uPrint works with engineering-grade ABS plastic, availible in multipe colours.

Featuring a sealed, climate-controlled build chamber, advanced engineering thermoplastics, and a soluble support material system, the uPrint boasts unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and throughput for its class.

To make professional grade printing even more accessible, the uPrint is now powered by GrabCAD Print for a direct design-to-3D print workflow. GrabCAD Print overcomes the need to “translate” or “repair” CAD files for 3D printing. With the newly revamped uPrint,  you can prepare and 3D print your projects directly from your native CAD environment, eliminating time consuming middle steps, and saving potential hours lost sourcing errors in your STL files.

uPrint, You Win

Stratasys uPrint, the only proven, professional, engineering-grade 3D Printer in its class, gives you:

  • Superior repeatability and durability: built to ISO 9001 standards, these machines are designed with high productivity and low maintenance in mind
  • Dimensionally accurate and durable parts, capable of handling even the most challenging geometries
  • High quality parts made from true engineering-grade thermoplasticsplastics
  • Proven and unmatched long-term reliability
  • Applications consultation with our first-class team of Applications Specialists, designed to advance your 3D design and printing goals
  • Cimetrix's world class technical support

For a limited time, Cimetrix & Stratasys are offering users in North America an attractive, 30% discount on uPrint 3D Printers powered by GrabCAD Print. To get your uPrint quotation today, please contact our team of Sales Representitives.