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Jul 5

Centennial College Spurs Innovation with Product Design and Development Program

Here at Cimetrix,a large portion of what we are involved with falls within the realm of academia, partnering with institutions at the grade-school level, all the way to Post-Secondary education and beyond.. Beyond providing Canadian institutions with leading-edge additive manufacturing solutions and sponsoring numerous student-lead initiatives, Cimetrix consistently looks to become further involved. Whether through participating in innovative research projects, providing consultation for course/program curricula, and more, our team here continuously works to provide students with access to additive manufacturing technologies that take their learning to the next level. One such initiative has been the introduction of the Product Design & Development Progam out of Centennial College. Today, we're going to take a quick look at this new, cutting-edge course, designed to equip students with the skills and experience to make an immediate impact upon entering the workforce.  

The new Product Design and Development program provides the unique experience of developing high-tech, ecological and socially responsible products from concept to design to production. Combining the ​strengths of the School of Communications, Media and Design and the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at Centennial College, the innovative Product Design and Development courses bring together hands-on learning in product/industrial design and product development with product life cycle management (PLM).

This Product Design and Development program is the only of its kind in Canada, allowing students to learn every aspect of a product life cycle, from concept to design to prototyping and production. Students will partake in real life learning through projects they conceive in the classroom as well as a diverse range of projects provided by industry. Students will also complete a 14-week industry field placement to put their learning into action.

In interdisciplinary collaborative group projects, students will develop creative design problem solving abilities and innovative strategies by applying all stages of the visual design process. Students will acquire a wide range of skills including idea generation, creative problem solving, drawing and model making, creative design process, 3D CAD advanced computer modeling, rapid prototyping & additive manufacturing, product development (CAE analysis, reverse engineering technology, materials selection, quality testing, product costing and optimization), product lifecycle management and cross platform multimedia communications. Furthermore, students will be presented with the opportunity for hands-on experience with leading-edge technologies, such as the Fortus family of 3D Printers, that are the industry standards in students' desired career path. Students will also develop a strong sense of the functional and aesthetic principles of design, as well as a solid understanding of the technical and business aspects of product development. 

Centennial's Product Design and Development program meets the growing need for graduates with a strategic vision of interdisciplinary product design and an understanding of all stages of the product life cycle process, who are ready to work in a variety of exciting careers related to consumer product development, electronics, furniture, transportation and more.

Centennial's Product Design and Development program is set to unfold this fall; we here at Cimetrix are excited to see such an innovative endeavour take off, and to continue collaboration with the students and faculty involved as the program evolves. To learn more about Cimetrix, our technologies, and our Professional Services, please reach out to our team of Applications Specialists.for more information.