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May 18

Stratasys Announces Fortus Enhancements Optimized for Manufacturing and Aerospace Applications

Since its inception, Stratasys' Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology has continuously revolutionized the traditional views and process of manufacturing for a great number of industries and applications. Amongst the biggest adopters of the technology are users leveraging the technology for aerospace, automotive, tooling, and advanced manufacturing applications. Though the technology is presently making waves, bringing unparalleled versatility, speed, and cost-effectiveness, the advent of improved materials and processes will continuously open new doors and expand standard views of what is possible with additive manufacturing technology.

Recognizing the needs of its users, Stratasys has recently announced four new FDM enhancements – including the introduction of new materials and certifications – to make additive manufacturing of functional prototypes, production tools, and end-use parts simpler, faster and stronger.

“We believe that these new enhancements will greatly increase the impact of Stratasys FDM 3D printing solutions, clearly demonstrating a commitment to the ongoing success of our manufacturing customers. Each new feature is designed to address specific manufacturing requirements - including speed, ease-of-use and creation of new industrial applications”

- Ryan Sybrant, Director, Manufacturing Marketing and Enablement, Stratasys

Enhanced Sacrificial Tooling with Optimized ST-130 Material

Sacrificial tooling is a process in which a master mold is created with addtive manufacturing,  wrapped in composite material, and then removed after part curing. This process enables manufacturers to rapidly and cost-effectively create complex, hollow composite parts. Currently, Cimetrix utilizes the advanced features of Insight software to produce consumable cores build from SR-20 and SR-30, the soluble support materials currently availible on the Fortus series printers. Pictures below is a consumable core our Applications Specialists produced on a Fortus 450mc, utilizing the aforementionned SR-30 support material.

Consumable cores created by Cimetrix, pre-processing (left) and undergoing curing (right).

By utilizing consumable cores, users are able to design complex, organic parts that are molded as one piece, overcoming many of the difficulties associated with the traditional process. Stratasys is improving this process with a new sacrificial tooling solution. This new solution is comprised of an entirely new material, termed ST-130, in conjuntion fill patterns optimized for removal post-curing. Together, the new material and fill patterns provide faster dissolution, rapid build speed, better autoclave performance and greatly improved tool quality. The new sacrificial tooling solution is available for the Fortus 450mc and Fortus 900mc 3D Printers.

Consumable core produced with the new ST-130 material

"ST-130 is ideal for automotive, aerospace and sporting goods industries. The new ST-130 material empowers manufacturers of composite parts with an accelerated, more cost-effective option for sacrificial tooling.”

- Ryan Sybrant, Director, Manufacturing Marketing and Enablement, Stratasys

Fortus 900mc Accerlation Kit Slashes Build Times for Large Components

Two points always considered when considering manufacturing options is cost and time to produce. In this regard, Stratasys technolgies currently provide unparalleled throughput and versatility when creating large parts, tooling, and functional prototypes. To further reduce production times and cost for both parts and tooling, Stratasys is introducing the Fortus 900mc Acceleration Kit. Designed for the Fortus 900mc, Stratasys’ most powerful FDM 3D printer and an industry-leading technology for advanced manufacturing, this kit facilitates very large structures to be produced up to three times faster. The kit will first be compatible with ASA and ULTEM 1010 materials, with more material compatibility planned for the near future.

ULTEM 9085 Now Availible with Full Aerospace Certifications

Aerospace engineers and manufacturers require materials with precise specifications and traceability for both prototypes and end-user parts. Stratasys’ ULTEM 9085 Aerospace grade filament is produced according to aerospace specification requirements. Whilst there is no change from the standard ULTEM 9085 material, but the new “Aerospace” designation allows for full production traceability in compliance with requirements from agencies such as the FAA and NASA. In addition to the Stratasys Certificate of Compliance, each order of ULTEM 9085 Aerospace grade filament has traceability documentation and a certificate of analysis confirming batch material properties.

What does Aerospace certification mean on the ground? Engineers can begin prototyping even earlier in the design process, accelerating time-to-market, avoiding high costs resulting from late development design changes, and facilitating custom one-off, end-use parts. ULTEM 9085 Aerospace is also optimized for low-volume or custom tooling applications.

PC-ABS is Coming to the Fortus 450mc

With its high durability and smooth matte finish, PC-ABS is a natural choice for challenging applications, such as rigorous prototyping, custom low-volume production, and the manufacturing of industrial equipment. Owners of the Fortus 380mc and 450mc Production Series will now have the ability to leverage all of the benefits PC-ABS has to offer; currently availible on the Fortus 900mc, as well as legacy Fortus 3D Printers, the benefits associated with this material include reducing time-to-market and high tooling costs for low-volume and custom production builds. Additive Manufacturing in real engineering thermoplastics results in stronger parts, more confident testing and prototypes that mimic the material properties of the final product.

For over 22 years, Cimetrix has been Canada's leader in 3D Printing, providing the nation's industry-leaders with advanced additive manufacturing solutions for even the most demanding applications and workflows. In addition to system implementation, Cimetrix remains a leading service provider within and beyond Canada. Boasting the full lineup of Stratasys technologies, and with a team of Applications Specialists armed with real-world industry experience, our Innovation Centre has the tools you need to bring your ideas to life. What inspires you is your business - how to make it real is ours. Contact our team of Applicaitons Specialists for more information.