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Apr 12

QuiETS Races Ahead with End-Use FDM Intake Manifold

As Additive Manufacturing has become the norm in a great number of industries and commercial fields, the technology is being increasingly leveraged in a vast array of research and academic pursuits in institutions accross Canada. At the forefront of academic institutions that have integrated 3D printing into both curricula, and extracuricular pursuits, is École de Technologie Supérieure.


Having worked closely with Cimetrix for a number of years, we are pleased to offer continued sponsorship for a number of teams based out of ETS. In forming sponsorship partnerships with these student initiatives, we provide the teams with access to our host of Professional Printing and Finishing Services. Furthermore, our team of Applications Specialists practices close communication with team representatives to formulate a better understanding of the applications and requirements for the parts we are providing, and in turn, help educate these students on technology currently being leveraged in their desired career paths.

This winter, we had the opportunity to provide continued support for QuiETS, a team out of ETS competing in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge is a yearly snowmobile event where teams build and modify existing snowmobiles and compete in multiple events based on improvements in emissions and performance.


This year, the team approached our team of Applications Specialists with an all-new air intake design, looking to 3D Printing to create an end-use part rather than manufacturing it with traditional methods.  Without prior experience printing these parts, the students approached our team looking for design consultation and assistance material selection. With an end-use application on a snowmobile, these parts had high durability requirements, had to withstand a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, and, of course, match the team colours.

After considering all requirements for this project, the team at Cimetrix built these parts on the Production Series Fortus 450mc, out of our ULTEM 9085 Black material. Boasting the highest heat resistance and strength of the engineering-thermoplastics available with Stratasys Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology, this plastic is well suited for high-stress applications. Upon receiving the parts, the team was ecstatic with the build quality and precision of these parts. Furthermore, the parts were turned around for the team within 2 weeks, over twice as fast as it would take for the parts to be created traditionally.

"We are pleased to have Cimetrix Solutions Inc. as a partner for our 2015-2016 season. Cimetrix Solutions specialize in 3D printing development and additive manufacturing solutions, printing several parts for our new air intake design. All the QuiETS members were extremely impressed with the accuracy and finish of the parts provided by Cimetrix, exceeding even our highest expectations. We strongly recommend Cimetrix for any 3D printing solutions. Thanks a lot!"

When working with student initiatives such as this, Cimetrix prides itself on forming a partnership with students, rather than simply providing a free printing service. A follow up visit was coordinated with QuiETS by our President, James Janeteas, where he was able to discuss how the current parts had been working for the team after using them for a few months, and provide his personal recommendations and observations to the team.  

“The CEO and President of Cimetrix, came to our workshop to see our project. We were really pleased to present our project and discuss about our future ideas. The knowledge from Cimetrix will considerably help the team to improve our snowmobile. Thanks for all your support Cimetrix!”

In addition, the team sat down with James to discuss future ideas for further implementation of advanced additive manufacturing, such as soluble cores, for applications to other areas on their snowmobile. These opportunities for open communication with our end users are crucial, affording the opportunity to gain first-hand feedback on the performance of our materials and parts offered through our Professional Services.


QuiETS recently completed their season end competition in Houghton, Michigan.  With the help of their end-use parts produced with Stratasys technologies, the team was able to place 2nd overall in a pool of 13 teams. The entire team at Cimetrix would like to extend their congratulations to the team, and commend them for their professionalism and innovation throughout the season. We look forward to continued partnership, and to what future seasons have in store! For more on Sponsorship opportunities or our Professional Services, please visit our website or contact our team of Applications Specialists.